Our work has touched the lives of hundreds of couples around the world. Our desire is to see committed couples discover the love that their relationship is capable of. There’s no greater feeling than to witness two people who have committed their lives to each other open their hearts, discover their pleasure, and embrace the potential that commitment offers. Please take a moment and read some of the testimonials that couples have shared with us.

Working with the Gleasons made us see that we had settled for much less than the full potential of our marriage. They gave us the tools and the guidance to claim ourselves, each other and maybe more importantly, our relationship. They helped turn what initially felt hopeless into a healthy, evolving, exciting journey.
— Becky from New York

We are seeing each other with fresh eyes now, and with love. The Gleasons created a safe place for us to reconnect, and helped us to clean up the dark corners of our marriage where fear and resentment had gathered over time and they did it with skill, compassion and amazing insight. By being themselves, they showed us what was possible for us.
— B From New York

Brian and Marcia help us to feel what we need to feel underneath our defensiveness and to stop avoiding what needs to be said. And then somehow, they guided us back to where we really want to be, in connection with each other again. We’re grateful.
— L From Australia

For me the EMM model has become much more than a couple’s therapy work, it’s a way of living my relationship (in fact, it is applicable to all my significant relationships.) It is a mature and realistic path to grow into love with my partner.
— J From Mexico