Embodied Couples Training
October 2019

Upcoming 2019 Professional Training
6 Month Online (plus 4 Day In Person)


Starts on October 16th,2019
3rd Wednesday for 6 months

This 50 hour intensive training is designed for therapists to step up and support couples on a whole new level. Imagine helping committed couples to feel more power, laugh more fully, desire each other more intensely, see each other in truth, have greater compassion for the other’s struggles, engage in vibrant and constructive conflict and bring their highest selves to the relationship and the world. This training will you to open new doors to your practice as your bring into your work an innovative paradigm for helping couples.

To become certified in Embodied Couples work, you will be required to complete 40 hours of in-person training, 6 hours of monthly online conferencing over a 6 month period, 6 hours of personal supervision, plus reading and homework assignments. Please fill out the application form and pay training fee. If you do not meet the requirements for enrollment, we will inform you and your payment will be returned.

Requirements for training: Masters or PhD in counseling, and/or an advanced certification in a somatically based modality such as Core Energetics, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing etc.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Triggers and the Nervous system
80/20 principle
Control Patterns
Primary Restorative Feelings

Module 2
Safety Building and the Nervous System
How to work with reactivity

Module 3
5 Metaskills
4 levels of embodied interventions

Module 4
Immature vs. Mature Needs-how to identify and work with them
Full Self Expression

Module 5
Importance of Conflict
5 stages of a healthy conflict

Module 6
Basic principles of working with sexuality/infidelity




  1. The first step is to fill out the application for the Program.

  2. You will need pay online in full.

  3. You will be contacted to confirm your acceptance.

  4. Upon acceptance you will be sent an information packet including the manual, assignments and required reading for the program.


Cost for 6 modules-  $900.00
Cost for 4 day training- $1000.00
Plus 6 Supervision Sessions

Please contact Marcia and Brian Gleason, LCSW’s with any questions you may have.

Cost for 6 modules -  $900.00

Includes 125 page EMM manual, 6 online group teaching modules, 3 additional teaching modules, assignments and support

6 Individual Supervision Sessions with either Brian or Marcia @ $125.00 per session (Couples can do sessions together)

Four day Teaching Intensive- $1000.00 Location to be determined


Exceptional Relationship Training follows these major premises:

The “Four Es” – Expressive, Embodied, Emotionally Focused and Experiential.

  1. Communication occurs on both a verbal and non-verbal level and couples need to learn to“dialogue” with the whole of their body/mind in order to create emotional resonance.

  2. Conflict engagement is the doorway to deep understanding and growth.

  3. There is a need for couples to incorporate not only mindfulness, but to embody their shared experiences.

  4. The therapist must be willing to take “leaps of faith” to encourage a broader and more flexible range of expression for each partner.

  5. That each couple creates a “shared energy field” from which both problems and breakthroughs will occur.

  6. Couples connect through here and now experiences and not only by talking about their dynamics.