Nobody ever told most of us how incredibly challenging commitment can be. If you struggle in any aspect of your relationship,(sexuality, emotional intimacy, stress around money, kids, work responsibilities) you may end up feeling lost, unhappy, uncertain of commitment, like you are falling out of love, or any of a host of other struggles.

We are here to say that does not mean your relationship is defective or dysfunctional, but that you simply haven’t developed the skills that commitment requires. Most of us never learned how to express ourselves in ways that encourage connection and real intimacy.

The good news - We have created an online course for couples that distills what we have learned over four decades of working together to grow our own relationship and guiding hundreds of other couples. This online course will up available here in late spring 2019. We are excited to share with other couples all of the building blocks for a vital, nourishing and pleasurable relationship.



These are some of the topics covered in
Going All the Way

  1. Emotional Fluency for Deeper Connection

  2. Mastering Conflict

  3. Honing The Relationship Skills You Already Possess

  4. Learning to Use Criticism to Grow 

  5. The Neuroscience of Relationship:
    From Trigger to Treasure - Emotional Layering

  6. Discovering Exceptional Sex

  7. Balancing Independence & Connection

  8. How To Welcome The Best In Each Other

The course will include a number of different modules which you can purchase as a package or separately by topics that interest you.