• Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

  • Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

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12 days over 4 weekends in 2015 in Holmes, New York


An intensive and experiential training program for therapists and practitioners.


To work with couples on this path is a sacred task. Imagine helping committed couples to feel more power, laugh more fully, desire each other more intensely, see each other in truth, have greater compassion for the other’s struggles, cry in one another’s arms, delight in each other’s successes, engage in vibrant and constructive conflict, and bring their highest selves to the relationship and the world. Beyond therapy, this training will open new doors to your practice as you bring into your work a new paradigm of helping couples.”




IMG 2246 Embodied Couples Therapy grew out of an imperative to find a new way of working with couples that did more than “save marriages.” Not satisfied with the results many of our clients had experienced in previous couples therapy, we took on the task of integrating the body-based work we had been trained in, as well as other approaches that have helped us deepen our own 35 year connection along the way.

Rarely does couple’s therapy pay attention to the role the body plays in how partners interact. The desire for intimacy breeds strong emotional responses.

IMG 2376 These responses are housed in the physical and neurological biology of each partner. While many couples are content to develop functional and secure modes of interacting, in EMM we offer a broader possibility for those relationships that yearn for more. We work with the entire range of human emotions, all of which serve a vital purpose in helping us to develop our full capacity.

Our EMM model takes couples from the self-protective feeling states to the expansive, self-potentiating emotions that allow each partner to become more fully human. The EMM model invites, in a very structured way, full expression of the passionate self, which includes anger, laughter, need and longing, fear, sexuality, grief, remorse, empathy, gratitude, compassion and love.


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The idea of working with couples through engagement of each person’s whole being is exciting and groundbreaking. The Embodied Couples Institute (ECI) and The Center for the Exceptional Marriage are at the forefront of this new movement. ECI operates on these major premises:

  • It follows the “Five Es” - Expressive, Evolutionary, Embodied, Emotionally Focused and  Experiential.
  • Communication occurs on both a verbal and non-verbal level and couples need to learn to “dialogue” with the whole of their body/mind in order to create emotional resonance. 
  • Conflict engagement is the doorway to deep understanding and growth.
  • There is a need for couples to incorporate not only mindfulness, but to embody their shared experiences.
  • The therapist must be willing to take “leaps of faith” to encourage a broader and more flexible range of expression for each partner.
  • That each couple creates a “shared energy field” from which both problems and breakthroughs will occur.
  • Couples connect through here and now experiences and not by talking about their dynamics.


Module 1

Key Concepts of the EC Approach
Assessment and Observation

  • Beyond talk… Why the body is important in couples work.
  • What’s in the “shared energy field.”
  • Two basic motivations: safety and full self expression.
  • Defining the Control Patterns and Primary Restorative Feelings.
  • Exploring Triggers and the 80/20 principle.
  • Using conflict to grow and deepen connection. What couples fight about.
  • Modes of couple’s interaction: reactive, reflective, mindful and embodied.
  • Who’s to blame? No first cause!
  • Discerning child need from mature need.
  • The “5 E” approach to working with couples. (see above)

Module 2


  • Body tracking and “presencing" in the couples session.
  • How to work with passive and aggressive control patterns
  • Feeling layering- The journey from blame to self responsibility to love.
  • Full Self Expression Process (The tool that always works)

Four levels of intervention:

  • Bringing presence
  • Leading by Following
  • Bridging to history,
  • Catalyzing here and now experiences
  • Use of charge and discharge
  • The Simplifying and Amplifying strategy

  Exceptional Marriage Training Exceptional Marriage Training

Module 3

Working With Shared Energy

  • Working with exiled feelings; negativity, lower self, shame, grief, trauma, need.
  • Awakening the safety driven relationship.
  • Supervision with trainee's couples.
  • Getting couples standing and moving.
  • Taking next leaps- “creative catalyzing”.

Module 4

Sexuality & Practice Building

  • New concept of eroticism and sexuality- “Exceptional Sex”
  • Energy dynamics of full bodied eroticism.
  • Techniques for building eroticism in the body.
  • Sexual “meta-skills.”
  • Deepening your comfort working with sexual dynamics with couples.
  • Building your couples practice; working solo or in partnership.



  • This training is open to solo therapists and/or to couples who wish to do the training as a mentor team.
  • Masters or PhD. degree in counseling or graduate of four year core energetics practitioner program.
  • If coming as a couple, one partner must have advanced counseling degree or both be core energetic practitioners.
  • If you have no experience with body psychotherapy you will be required to take a weekend foundations course in Core Energetic Methodology.


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For an interview contact Marcia @ 914-420-2699 

Program leaders: Marcia and Brian Gleason, LCSW's and faculty 







Two supervisory sessions with Embodied Couples Mentor Trainers. To be announced.

Professional license, and/or 3-4 year intensive training program in body oriented psychotherapy.

If coming as couple, only one partner needs a professional license.

Day program in Body Oriented Psychotherpay if you havent completed any training in working with the body and energy.




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