• Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

  • Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

  • Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

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Rejuvenation Clinic
Michelle Meyer N.D. has been a holistic health practitioner since 1984. She also has four years of postgraduate training in Core Energetics (body-centered psychotherapy). Her practice emphasizes the importance of healing on all levels as our bodies commonly mirror deeper areas of imbalance or “dis-ease”.

Patients are supported to recognize how their life experience and lifestyle choices have influenced their current state of health. Naturopathic therapies and emotional counselling can then facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself.

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KARYNE WILNER’S CORE ENERGETICS offers a certificate program for mental health professionals and body workers based on the world-renowned Core Energetics method, plus principles of humanistic/existential psychology and holistic counseling theory.

Therapists, counselors, coaches, healers and energy workers become certified in a comprehensive energy-renewing method that helps their patients

Launching the Exceptional Marriage

Liz and Barry Carl celebrate 28 years of marriage in 2012. They have worked as a team from the very beginning. They have performed together, coached actors and singers, directed, produced, taught and parented together. In 2005, they teamed up as Exceptional Marriage Mentors with the goal of being a couple helping couples. It has proven to be a wonderful creative endeavor that has also enriched their marriage. They have taught the Exceptional Marriage method in the U.S. and Mexico.

Love Life Counseling

Skype Couples Counseling | Family Therapy for Body Mind & Spirit

Visit our Connecticut office, near Westport, Wilton, Norwalk, Weston, Ridgefield, Darien, New Canaan, Fairfield, Stamford, and Greenwich

Specializing in: Holistic Therapy, Skype Mentoring, Core Energetics, Relationship Problems, Divorce, Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Parenting, Child Counseling, Teen Therapy, Adoption Issues, Play Therapy, Stress Management, Personal Growth, Work & Life Balance

Ted Riskin

Get closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being.

Move beyond talk therapy using a transformational body-centered approach.

While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life and resolve long standing behavior patterns and false beliefs that keep you from fulfilling your full potential for creativity, love, happiness and greatness.

Institute of Core Energetics | Core Energetics Programs and Practitioner Training

Institute of Core Energetics | Core Energetics Programs and Practitioner Training

Core Energetics™ is both a path of personal growth and a powerful holistic healing modality employing physical expressive techniques for emotional release and psychological process work. The work takes place on several levels integrating mind, body, emotion, will, and Spirit.

Exceptional Marriage Mexico

Las relaciones de compromiso pueden ser una de las experiencias más transformadoras de la vida. Si estamos dispuestos a enfrentar el reto que implican, el potencial de satisfacción, placer e intimidad no tiene paralelo. En este taller tendrás la oportunidad de explorar tanto las programaciones internas que limitan tu posibilidad de construir una relación de pareja, como las profundidades que la intimidad puede alcanzar en el contexto de una relación de compromiso.

Exceptional Marriage Mexico A través del modelo de “Relacion Excepcional”, los participantes explorarán los recursos que les permiten trabajar a través de sus bloqueos emocionales y energéticos, abriendo una posibilidad de conexión más profunda y satisfactoria consigo mismos y con el otro. Usaremos el poder y la contención del grupo para estimular a las personas y a las parejas a alcanzar nuevos y renovadores niveles de honestidad, pasión y poder personal.

Radical Aliveness :: Core Energetics

Radical Aliveness is a transformative process that works with the body's energy and uncensored emotions. In a safe but highly charged group setting, participants achieve cathartic healing and raw, honest connection with each other.

Developed by Ann Bradney, this work is a further evolution of Core Energetics. Drawing on Core's body-based techniques, Radical Aliveness creates a space where individuals are encouraged to step into their own authority and become influential leaders who are present and involved in the world.

The foundation of the Institute is its training program, offering a 2-Year Leadership Training Program for Individuals and 4-Year Certification for Leaders and Practitioners.

Liane Maathuis

As humans, we strive to develop ourselves that our talents flourish and become visible in our speaking and acting such. At the same time in our also an inwardly directed force employed, which leads to reflection.

When we surrender to this soft power, we unwind. In this rest can silence reveal that connects us to God.

Other names may be: The Source, The Love of the Greater Whole. From here a heartfelt sense arises whom we deeply and what matters in our lives.

Buitengewone Relaties

Our method of working is not only applicable to partner relationships. Also the family, or at work there are relationships in which problems may arise.

Here you will find information about the opportunities for partners, family members and collaborating colleagues.

There is also a section on training opportunities for professionals.

Family Relationships
Cooperation Relations

Institute of Body Psychotherapy

Welcome to the Institute of Body Psychotherapy. Body Psychotherapy is an integrated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual approach to emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our foundations are based on Core Energetics, Bio Energetics, Freud, Jung and Reich. We also embrace the latest techniques of body orientated trauma resolution, neuroscience and mindfulness. We offer individual sessions, sessions for couples, group therapy, workshops and a three year practitioner training course.

Body Psychotherapy is a profound healing process. By working with the body-mind we are able to access deep feelings and confront old sabotage patterns. Body Psychotherapy is ideal for anyone who wants to make a change in their life. It is a truly wholistic approach and changes are deep-seated and lasting. This offers more than overcoming depression, anxiety, or relationship issues. Body Psychotherapy increases our capacity for pleasure, supporting us to feel more joy, to change, to grow, to love, to engage more fully in life and to be more energised.

Core Energetics South

Core Energetics is the bridge between psychology and spirituality. Core Energetics is world renowned as the first western psychotherapeutic approach to incorporate the spiritual aspect of being with modern psychology and body psychotherapy, making Core Energetics a truly holistic and integrative therapy.

Core Energetics is a process to enhance life and healing and is based on a powerful evolutionary therapeutic approach that seeks the integration of all aspects of our humanity - emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. This evolutionary process is built on the foundation of the work of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, and human development theory, the study of new physics, spirituality, and ancient charka and human energy theory.

Core Energetics is based on a deep understanding of the ways in which energy and consciousness work together in the transformative process of healing. This evolutionary process of healing encompasses knowing and revealing your whole self- your beauty, your defenses, and your dark shadow. This transformation is achieved gradually by bringing consciousness and movement to the core's overlaying defensive structures.

NICE - Nederlands Instituut Cordium Core Evolutionary

Core Energetics is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on increasing self-awareness, deepen feelings and the growth of inner strength. It may be in a relatively short time, the vitality and the energy increase and lead to positive change. The method works with the body through movement, breathing and personal interaction and examine as blocking patterns in yourself and in relation to the other (s). Especially the patterns that stop you from enjoying life and to live from your own truth. Fully

Since 2005 the Netherlands has its own Core Energetics institute where students, such as psychotherapists and others in helping professions are employed, are schools in specific techniques, theory and practice of Core Energetics. The four-year vocational training leading to the Core Energetics therapist certificate.

Ted Riskin

Do you want to work at the deepest level and get to the core of what is holding you back in life? Would you prefer to address your issues directly and powerfully, instead of having long discussions about your problems and history? Were you a little too smart for your last therapist? With a degree in mathematics and a prior career in data processing, I bring strong analytical skills to the practice of cognitive therapy. Plus I offer an open heart, a non-judgmental stance, and a sense of humor. Therapy should be a little scary and a lot of fun.


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