• Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

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  • Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

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  • Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

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  • Exceptional Marriage

    What if Your Relationship Offered you The Chance to Discover Your Highest Potential?

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  • What is an Exceptional Marriage? As two people join together, their shared life can become truly exceptional when there is also a marriage of security and adventure, individuality and intimacy, harmony and conflict, the cozy and the erotic, the powerful and the most vulnerable.
  • Where do we learn how to be a couple? Who teaches us to navigate conflict, to get through hurt, anger, raising children, sexuality issues, the aging process?? Who teaches us to be open hearted, to be real, to risk loving deeply, to fly together?
  • It’s hard to believe we have been married 30 years. Like most of you in long term relationships we have lived through peaks and valleys over the course of these three decades. From possessed lovers to obsessed parents and through the emergence of our life work together it has been , well, everything imaginable.
  • Over the course of these weekends, you will discover a powerful and transformative new way to be with your partner. Here, you will learn to release fear-based patterns of interacting, how to harness the power of conflict, and move into greater heights of compassion, spontaneity and eroticism with one another.
  • Articles is The Exceptional Marriage Blog.

    Informative, deep, and thought provoking we strive to share our 30 plus years of experience with you!
  • Exceptional Marriage Mentoring (EMM) grew out of an imperative to find a new way of working with couples that did more than “save marriages.” We took on the task of integrating the body-based work we had been trained in, as well as our own 35 year connection along the way.

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The blunt reality of the committed relationship is that it can, and will, elicit parts in each person that are not very pretty. Partners can travel from the sacred to the scandalous is a New York minute. There is no other person in the world who can provoke such intense reactions in us as our beloved.

Though none of us relishes those times when we don't see eye to eye with our partner, there is actually wisdom in the battling. To put in succinctly, we won't evolve without the conflict. When we fight, something in us is being challenged by our loved one. Often they are telling us something we need to hear.  Who else, after all, is going to confront us with those parts of us that get in the way of our own happiness and success.

The problem is that it feels threatening to hear what our mate doesn't like about us, and it isn't usually presented to us with roses and marshmallows. So we defend, and attack, with our own creative critiques. The tag-line of most spousal conflagrations is: "Well, I may be screwed up, but so are you! Each partner scarred but smugly satisfied that they got their shot in.

So the trick is, after the dust has settled, to look inward and take responsibility for the pieces of truth that emerged through our partner's complaints. This is difficult to do at the outset of an argument because most often our partner doesn't approach us in the most genteel way. When we feel attacked the impulse is to fight or flee. Trying to bypass this urge is near impossible. So things will sometimes get messy before illumination can occur. On the far side of a messy spousal battle lies the potential for greater self understanding, compassion for our partner and an opening to pleasure. Make-up sex occurs because fighting releases the tension and adds vigor to the shared energy field in the committed relationship. But there is also make-up tenderness, make-up vulnerability, make-up remorse, make-up gratitude and more!

Sometimes the only way we get to these cherished places is through the messiness of dispute. Can you listen to what is in your partner's heart when they are complaining about some failing of yours? Can you see that while there is most often some truth to your partner's criticisms there is also a large measure of their own history? Can you make the sacred shift from your defensive posture to feel your hurt and fear? If you can, bliss is sure to follow.

Couples Workshops

Going All the Way

Level 2

Exceptional Relationship Week-End Retreat

September 9th, 10th and 11th, 2016

Location: To be announced









Couples in Community ::

Couples in Community

The idea for couples in community evolved from our recognition that the committed relationship is one of life’s most difficult undertakings. As couples we need other couples to support, encourage and challenge us to be real with each other. Paradoxically, being in a committed relationship can, at times, feel incredibly isolating. Because, as a couple, partners are so close to each other, it is easy to get lost in the trees and miss the forest.

For Professionals




Training Weekend in Embodied Couples Work

May 13th, 14th and 15th

West Nyack, New York









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